Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Angels Aware!

Hello my dear friends!

What an incredibly busy week it has been!  It seems there are never enough hours a day to do all the things that need to be done, much less the things we want to do!  Sunday we were able to go to Tucson to see two of our grandchildren perform in a musical and have lunch with their mom (our daughter), dad and brother and sister.  Then we drove back to the Phoenix area and had dinner with two more grandchildren and our son.

Monday was work, but after work we had dinner with another granddaughter and various other relatives before going to see her perform in her school Christmas concert.  When did 7th graders become SO sophisticated!  Not to mention the talent we saw!

I took a few photos of the angels we hang on the tree before they came out of there box.  Have you ever seen so many angels in such a small space before?

That's just the first box of angels.  There is this one also.

These angels have personalities, too.  Here is one with a sweet face.

She is one that I made for a ladies tea at our church one year.  I made a LOT of these for the tea and a few for our tree.

This one was made when we lived in Alabama.  I made quite a few of these, too, but I gave all but one away.  I think I used them on top of packages, too.  She is made from a silk rose and silk leaves plus a wooden bead with a pipe cleaner for a halo.

The following two are definitely Arizona Angels as they are made from cotton bolls.  Of course, they could have been made in a number of places in the South.  I just know these were made here because I made them from a kit.  I made more than I kept, but these two have distinct personalities.

This one has a heart for a mouth -- kind of Betty Boop, don't you think?

But, this one!  don't you just love the quirky smile?  She's the angel who has the fun!  Can't you see her saying to the other angels -- "Boy, we sure scared those silly shepherds, didn't we? That was FUN!"

These remind me of a friend in Alabama who called everyone "angel".  I miss that and her!  She is a quilter, too!  If she didn't call you "angel" you were in BIG trouble!  She's the one who is an angel -- love her to pieces!

That all for today.  I'll do better this week, I hope.  I have more photos and plan to take more of Christmas quilts to share with you.

In the meantime, don't overdo it.  It's only 11 days before the BIG DAY, but it will all get done, it always does!

Until next time,

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