Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sister!

Hello Friends!

Today, Saturday, Dec. 3, is my sister, Janice's birthday.  She's older than me -- sorry couldn't resist saying that, but she is.  She was a Senior in High School when I was a Freshman.  This is a good thing, I think.  She cleared the way for me, but this post is about her, not me.

She was a CUTE baby.  See?

We do not look alike.  Not at all!  She and my brother look like my Dad's side of the family.  Me?  Just put my mother's face on my body and that's us!  I took after Mom's side of the family except for height - mom was short!  Janice is taller than me, but we are both tall.  We both like to sew, though!  In that way we are alike and like our Mom!

Isn't this a sweet picture?  Look at that sweet face!  Just look at that crocheted dress!  Not so sure about the socks, though -- maybe a little too Pippi Longstockings!  Mom made the dress.  I have one just like it that she made for my girls.  Hmm, I'm thinking it should be displayed -- it is cute!

Those photographers sure loved those piano benches for portraits didn't they?  Now look at the mischief on that cute face.  You can just see that she's thinking of something to do that is more fun than sitting still!

Here is Janice holding our Cocker Spaniel.  I think her name was Lassie.  Janice will tell me if I'm wrong.  That's what big sisters are for, right?  I think I wanted out of there!  Maybe it has to do with the chicken in the background.  Did I tell you about Janice and the rooster?  Hmmm, she didn't think it was funny that the rooster chased her up on the roof of the chicken house, but mom and I did!  I've always wanted to do a quilt with a little girl on a roof with a BIG rooster lurking nearby.

Here we are again.  We look like stair steps.  The middle "step" is our cousin Louise.  (Hi, Louise!)  She's cute, too!  We are all squinting at the sun.  This must have been taken at a family reunion.  We used to have those.  We should again -- it's been years since the cousins have been together!  The three of us are almost the youngest of the cousins.  We only have one younger than us. We all have brothers that are older.

Eventually we all went to school.  I think this is a school photo.  I still see mischief on her face, don't you?

She's a good sister.  I miss seeing her.  We have fun together!  She's made me pillows, pillow cases, crocheted a pineapple doily for me and shared books with me.  The candle holders on my dining table this time of year were gifts from her.  They were purchased in an antique store because I told her I'd rather have things like that than something brand new  She listened to me -- she's like that.  We share that interest.  She likes antiques, too.

So, here I am wishing my sister a wonderful birthday!  Hope it's the best yet!  Love ya, sis!

Tell me your sister stories -- I'd love to hear about what you share with your sister, too.

Now I have to go work some more on Christmas stuff!


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