Monday, December 5, 2011

Coffee Bag Stocking

Hello Friends!

Are you getting excited yet?  I am!  I absolutely LOVE Christmas!  It's even COLD in AZ so getting in the mood is easier than when it is 80 degrees!

Saturday I had planned to take some photos of Christmas quilts and other stockings that I've made, but it was gloomy and rainy all day  -- but I am NOT whining!  Sunday was better, but I had other things to do, so today I'll show you the stocking I made this year from the coffee bags I scored not long ago.  I told you about theme here

This stocking is made from the back side of one of the bags.

It will hang this way in my house as I usually hang stockings with the toe to the left and heel to the right.

But it could be hung this way and look just fine:

The sun was bright and shiny the day these photos were taken.  That's not a flash you see reflected in the armoire, but instead it is the sun shining through the window.  It had to be morning as those windows are on the East.

My dad finished the armoire.  He used a glossy varnish.  Though I've had this for years, I've never taken the time to refinish it with a lower gloss finish.  I really like rubbing the wood with oil and then using a paste wax on them.  That's how I did our antique oak kitchen table the last time.  I had used a polyurethane when the kids were small, but took it off and refinished it several years ago using tung oil.  But that's another post for another time.

The cuff on the stocking is left over from another stocking I did in the past.  It is actually a crocheted doily I purchased and cut to use as the cuff.  I like the contrast between the burlap of the bag and the lace of the cuff.

This weekend I also made some more ornaments for the tree.  I had edited some that I've used in the past which left holes in the decorations.  I'll show the new ones I did in another post.  I did make a few more of the pleated music with the rose, too.  This time they were made from photocopied "Winter Wonderland" sheet music.  I just couldn't cut my original as it sits on the piano during the holidays.

Next time I'll show you the sheet music wreath that finally got photographed.

How are you coming with your decorations?  Are you done?  Do you wait until later to decorate?  Do you do a LOT or a little decorating?  Do you use a theme or just use whatever you have collected over the years?  Be sure to leave a comment and tell me about your decorating habits.

Until next time!

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