Thursday, July 26, 2012

On a Pedestal

While it is never a good idea to put people on a pedestal since it's pretty ugly when they fall off, I love other things on pedestals.  A cake just looks so much more festive on a pedestal.  An apothecary jar with a pedestal is just exciting with anything in it.

Since it's July, I've been thinking Christmas.  I know it's early, but I'm so slow getting things done, it will take me until then to get even half of the things I've got dogeared in magazines and books that I've been going through.  S many ideas, so little time!

Remember the first time I went to Sweet Salvage and bought this apothecary jar?  Well, I was really thinking Christmas even then, but in the meantime, it looks great with the shells and sand.  But, when I was at the dollar tree one day, I noticed they had these great glass candle holders next to some cylindrical and rounded glass containers that could be vases or hold candles as well.  My mind started putting the two together.  I had recently read about someone who was making cake pedestals using thrift store plates and candle holders, so why not!

Here is what I put with the great apothecary jar I already purchased once the glue dried.

I was so excited to do these, I had the two I purchased put together before I even thought about taking photos of the process.  I had planned to go buy some more, but when I opened a cabinet door one day I noticed these.

Even with the different textures on the two pieces, it seemed like they could make a great little pedestal to go with the other two.

So, out came the glue and the newspaper to protect the counter again.  I used a glue especially for glass, but there are many types available at the craft stores that would work on glass.  This one called for putting glue on both pieces, waiting a couple of minutes and then putting them together.  Of course, you do need to make sure they are centered correctly.

Then set something heavy on top while they dry.  The glue I used said it would be set in 15 minutes, but it would be 24 hours before it was completely cured. 

The votive looks great on a pedestal.

A few shells in the cylindrical one look good, but more would be better -- need to go shell hunting at Hobby Lobby again.

Only a few shells were left for the rounded pedestal container, but won't it look great with miniature ornaments at Christmas?

A final look at the group and I'm still thinking Christmas possibilities!

Now, I have three things with paint drying on them, so I need to go check if I can do the next step on any of them yet.

Hope you are having a creative and wonderful day.



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