Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's PINK!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday! 

For those of you who know me well, you know I'm not a fan of pink.  Oh, I like it okay, but not in large doses.  When we moved to Alabama a few years ago we bought a pink house.  And I mean pink!  Every room was pink.  The carpet was pink.  There was pink tile on the fireplace.  The trim was painted pink!  There was pink wallpaper in the kitchen.  There was pink floral wallpaper in two bathrooms! Fortunately the house was brick or it would have been pink -- in fact it sort of was pinkish, but not PINK!  My studio was Pepto Bismol pink!  I spent the first 2 months painting over the pink.

Yesterday morning, we had a tragedy.  My hair dryer broke!  Now for those of you with long straight hair, I'm sure you are thinking, "Big Deal!"  Those of you who wear your hair really short are having the same thoughts.  But I just had my hair cut earlier this week in a chin length A-line cut. AND my hair is wavy.  This is not a good combination.  If my hair is cut right, I can get by with it curling up on me, but this cut just didn't work with the waves and curls.  This cut needs a hair dryer and a bog round brush to look right.

Since I had to go to the Post Office anyway, I went to buy a hair dryer. Fortunately, I did not see anyone I knew so no one knew how really bad I looked!  It's not pretty folks!  Well, actually, the hair dryer kind of is, even if it is pink.

I was about to pick up another boring grey dryer when I noticed the one next to it by the same manufacturer was ON SALE!  Of course, the photo on the box was pink, but it was HOT pink.  That's the best pink there is unless we are talking roses, then the best is pale pink, but that's another topic.

So here is what I brought home.

It is kind of cute, isn't it?

It is definitely not boring grey and has 3 settings so I can keep from burning my head and frying my hair!

I know, it's not a quilt and it's not even what many people would consider a "good thing".  However, when I go out tonight, I won't have to hope no one sees me because my hair is nice and smooth, the way it is supposed to be.



Joyce said...

Love the hot pink dryer - if you couldn't find lime green it's the next best thing!

Lois Arnold said...

You do know that the house we had in Iowa was lime green inside. I don't think I could do a lime green dryer. LOL! We bought a LOT of paint!