Thursday, April 26, 2012

Saw Tooth Star Top - Finally!

You've been getting bits and pieces of the Saw Tooth Star Quilt top and it is finally finished!

I can see from the photo that it is not quite straight on the design wall. It sort of goes down hill on the right side!  My arms are only so long, you know! On a quilt this size, I couldn't reach both corners at once!

Here are a few of the blocks up close and personal.  Yep, it's scrappy!

And here is how the string pieced setting triangles work with the blocks.

And here is how the corner triangles turn so the strings align on the sides and the bottom and tops.

Now this quilt gets to join the other tops waiting to be quilted.  I really need to stop making tops and finish the ones that are just waiting backing, batting and quilting.  Do you do that?  I think the making of the top must be my favorite part of the quilt making process.  What is your favorite part?  Design, stitching it together or quilting?  Or do you send your quilt to a long arm quilter to be quilted?

Now, the next project is to make some order in this studio.  It needs cleaning up, organizing and vacuuming up those bits of foundation paper from the setting triangles.  Sheesh!  That stuff goes everywhere!

I also have a couple of other projects in the works.  The wicker chairs are going to get new denim cushions and the loft needs new color coordinated pillows.  Then there is the ottoman in the family room that desperately needs a new slipcover.  Also I'm in the process of changing the "pink room" into an office so I can get the office things out of the studio.  Wish me luck!




quilt happy said...

that is beautiful

julieQ said...

It is just perfect, Lois!! Love it in every way! I have only 29 tops waiting for quilting...that's not bad, is it??

JoQuilter said...

I love the quilt, Lois. But, as I just got done telling Lorinda, you need to spend a little time "everyday" quilting and you would be surprised at how many quilts get finished and how your stack of unquilted tops will decrease. It's a technique I have used for years and it does work. And of course you already know my favorite part is the hand quilting.

Lorinda said...

Definitely designing. I have been cleaning my studio and have run across many, many unfinished projects -- almost all handwork & quilting hence the lecture from Jo. I have hand quilted everyday this week. It does work:)