Sunday, April 22, 2012

String Setting Triangles It Is!

Hi friends!

This week, I have been to a sew day, babysat a 2 year old, helped pack part of the 5000,000 plus meals our church is sending to Haiti and Africa, and made 18 string setting triangles and 4 corner string triangles.  Whew!  It's been busy!  In between there is always the laundry, ironing, cleaning, shopping, etc.  You know the routine -- husbands say they are going to take a shower and they do.  Wives say they are going to take a shower and they do, plus clean the shower, counters, mirrors and any other cleanup that needs being done in the bathroom.  Big difference!

You may remember that last Fall I was in a fabric exchange.  I told you about it here.  Also I had received a box of goodies from DH's cousin, Sheila, which I showed you here.  Well, here is a look at what I've done with all those neutrals.  (A lot of the other fabric from Sheila is in the saw tooth star blocks).

The one that is divided are the 4 corner triangles and the one in back is one of the 18 string setting triangles I made this week.  Those neutrals really create some texture used this way don't they?

I will show you a photo of the quilt top again when I finish piecing the blocks and sashes and setting the rows together.  I stopped working on that stage so I could work on the setting triangles on sew day Tuesday rather than trying to take all the blocks off the design wall.

Now do you remember my dilemma about the fabric I wanted to use for the sashes? I showed you what it looked like in this post.

Well, I got an e-mail from cousin Sheila who has a great sense of humor.  She asked me why I couldn't be a green person instead of a blue person because she had scoured quilt shops in the Chicago area and found the stripe I wanted -- except it was green and tan!

In yesterday's mail, I got this.

Ha, ha!  Can you read the print?  It says, "See!  I told you I found it in green & tan!

Now, I need to make a quilt where green and tan are the starring colors!  Thank you, Sheila!  What a treat and I really enjoyed the giggles when I saw what was in the package!

Until next time,


JoQuilter said...

I like your string setting triangles. I have never made a string anything but I think I am getting closer. Also, I just can't seem to work within a color palette. My scrappy quilts have every color under the sun. Maybe, when I grow up, I can try for a scrappy quilt in just two or three colors. But for now, I'm into another quilt that has every color under the sun in it.

Your quilts are so pretty, as always, they inspire me.

Lois Arnold said...

Thank you, Jo! I do have some scrap quilts that are more than 2-3 colors, but I do tend to use the same color and many different fabrics. This one actually has many colors except for the string setting triangles. I do like the creams, whites and tans together a lot. And your quilts are gorgeous!