Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring in Arizona!

Sunday we broke a heat record.  It was 105 degrees!  This is early for that hot, but it does tell us to enjoy what is left of Spring here in the desert.

Often people think that the desert means only cacti and sand, but we really do have some color and beautiful flowers.  They are just different from other areas of the country.  I still miss the forsythia, hydrangeas, daffodils, lilacs and wisteria of the other places we have lived around the country, but I thought you might like to see what greets us as we walk out the front door of our home.

It's not forsythia, but the yellow blooms are quite pretty.

This is the view looking at our home from the street.

Ahchoo!  This is what is under the tree covering the granite stones.  This is why Arizona is NOT the place to come if you have allergies!  Combine that with the dust storms and look out!

We almost lost this little tree during the monsoon season last year.  It is recovering, but has a ways to go.  It has lovely yellow trumpet shaped flowers.

We have brilliant pink bougainvillea in the back yard, and some shrubs that have blue flowers, as well as lavender and a few other shrubs that bloom occasionally depending on the amount of rain and temperature.

I have not worked at having flowers since we came back to AZ.  Our old house here had a lot of flowers that I had planted.  Maybe this Fall I'll get some more things in.  It is a lot of work to keep some flowers blooming here year round as the Summers are just too hot and dry.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek at Arizona in the Spring.

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Lorinda said...

72 and partly sunny today in Missoula. Toralf is just beginning to work on yard. We do have asperagus and rhubarb coming up. He's going up to glacier this weekend to bike in the areas that have been plowed. There is still quite a bit of snow there.