Monday, April 30, 2012

Travel Shoe Bags

A few years ago when I bought this pair of shoes, they came with a wonderful travel bag.

As I was doing a fair amount of travel at the time, I immediately made a second out some really ugly green plaid flannel I had just to use it up.  Both bags have served well.

Recently I saw some graphics on The Graphics Fairy that made my heart go pitter pat!  They were vintage shoe graphics and would be perfect for the outside of travel shoe bags.

Since I will soon be traveling to Columbus, Ohio for The National Quilting Association, Inc. 43rd show, it was the perfect time to make a couple of new travel bags for my shoes so my clothes don't get any shoe dust or polish on them.

First I made this one.

Aren't you glad we don't have to button our shoes?

Even with a nifty silver button hook, it would take all day!

Ah, this is better!  Slip on shoes!

If you look closely, you can see that there is a mariner's compass on the toe of this shoe.  How cool is that?  That's the theme of this year's show!

These travel shoe bags were fast and easy to make.  The fabric is Osnaburg which is sort of an oatmeal color.  I cut a 20" x 15" rectangle for each bag.  The shoes were printed out on Avery Ink Jet Transfer paper and ironed on to the fabric.  First I folded it in half for placement.  Then it was simple to sew around one side and the bottom leaving about 3" on the top right side unsewn.  I later hemmed the 3" opening and made a casing at the top.  The Laura Ashley bag had cording through the casing, but I did not have any, so I simply used some quarter inch cream colored satin ribbon.

I think it almost took as long to iron the transfers on to the fabric as it did to sew them.

Now get busy!  Before your next trip, make some shoe bags to protect your clothes and to make you smile!




Joyce said...

LOVE the shoe bags. Have a question though. You've posted a number of times about transferring an image unto fabric. Could you do a tutorial on how you do it??? I'm clueless. Thanks so much for all the info you give us!!

Lois Arnold said...

Joyce, I'd be happy to do a tutorial on transferring images. It is really a simple process. I will plan to do one in the near future.