Monday, August 20, 2012

Antique Shopping

It is taking me quite a while to get all of the photos edited from last week, but I did get through the ones taken in one of the antique stores we visited.  Unfortunately, I did not write down the name of the shop.  Since I only bought a couple of little things, I paid cash so did not save the receipt.  Do you ever do things like that?  I so wanted to tell you the name so that if you were in Pinetop, AZ you could visit them, too!

This long table was the first thing I saw entering the door.  Wow, it was really long!  Notice the yellow ware bowl?  Oh, yes, I zeroed in on it, but it was more than I was willing to pay.  I limit myself to what cash I have and I sure didn't have as much as it would take to bring the bowl home.

This show had everything from A to Z in it.  Wouldn't these blocks be fun?

This little blue bowl came home with me.  The hand  knit cap is interesting and would be useful at 7,000+ altitude, but in the desert, not so much!

I do wish I had paid more attention to this blue toile pitcher.  It is lovely! When I'm taking photos, I often find things I wish I had gone back to later.  the nine patch quilt in the background with the double pink fabric was neat as well.

This shop had a LOT of kitchen tools, but I've never seen so many cake slicers in one place -- Ever!

This display of Campbell soup items was mmm mmm good!. It sure brought back memories of childhood.

Who knew we should have kept all of those old Vick's jars and Phillips Milk of Magnesia bottles?  I loved this display.  Sorry about the face in the window.  I could not figure out how to remove him from the background.  Anyone know how to do that in Photo Shop?

It seemed like there was more enamelware in this shop than usual.  Perhaps it was used more in the mountains than in the city.

Loved this wonderfully soft looking fan quilt.

Doesn't the bottom quilt look as if it might be Amish?  I wish I had pulled it out to see it better!

The log cabin quilt and the bow tie quilt look as if they are really large quilts.  The others seem so much smaller when folded.  Love the tea cup collection below them.

I'm not a fan of blue and pink quilts, but the wool applique quilt below it was lovely.

Loved these little pie safes.

Not sure what the jugs held, but they were quite large.  The brass kerosene lamp was a beauty as was the wooden sled.  I didn't get all of the sled in the photo, it was quite long.

The treadle sewing machine drawer could be quite useful.  What would you do with one of these if you found one? See the doorknob hanger in the background?

This wooden box was really quite pretty.  It was surrounded by wood working tools, saws and such.  If you are in the market for wood planes, they had quite a selection.

This does not look as if it would have been very comfortable for it's original use, but wouldn't a plant look cute in this child's potty?

My friend, Deanna, told me years ago to start saving wooden spools.  She was right, they did get replaced with plastic.  I have quite a few, but could have had a lot more if I'd started saving them earlier.  At least I know where to buy some more if I decided I need more.

As I was using my little camera that I carry in my purse, the photos aren't as sharp as I'd like and the battery ran out before I was ready to quite taking photos.  I did not get a photo of the lovely small cobalt blue pitcher that I bought.  It will be in a future post.

Joyce found some glasses that matched some she had already collected.  Diane left empty handed, but she made up for it at the quilt shop we visited later that day.

Hope you enjoyed a walk through the antiques with us.



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