Saturday, August 18, 2012

Home Again

Happy Saturday, friends!

As you read in my last post, I was away from the Internet this week.  As I was unable to get my Blogger for Droid to publish, here are a few highlights from this past week.  I will fill in the details as I get the rest of the photos from two different cameras edited.

Last Sunday we were able to celebrate our daughter's birthday with her.  I had made a Pottery Barn knockoff curtain for her pantry door.  There will be details, but here are a few photos of that project.

Daughter Mindy grabbed the camera as I hung this.  Yes, the bi-fold door is still in place, but it will be taken down.

The folds had not been tied in place to set them yet in this photo.

Here is a detail of the ruffles.  The Pottery Barn shower curtain has 4 rows, but as this is a narrow curtain, we decided two would work.  The ruffles have raw edges so will fray over time giving a frilly  look.

On Tuesday, Diane and I left early to go to Joyce's cottage in the woods for a quilt retreat.

Diane drove, so I got to take a lot of photos of the Ponderosa pines.

We got up early and stayed up late.  I sewed a LOT of quilt chains.

They look better organized.  There are two blocks that are positive/negative in the finished quilt.  I only sewed one of the dark blocks together to see how they would look.  The rest of the blocks are in all those chained together parts.

Joyce provided the location and Diane and I did the cooking.  I learned that cooking at over 7,000 ft. altitude requires adjustments even when melting candy coating.  The coating dried out and I only got 3 of the shells for the mousse dessert made.  The rest just went in little cups.

A trip into Show Low allowed us to go to a couple of antique shops.  I'll share more of these photos later.

It was a great week spent with friends sewing, laughing, eating and sharing.  All too soon, it was time to go back down the mountain from the 70 degree weather to the 100 plus degree weather in the Valley of the Sun.

There will be more details on each of these once I get all those photos edited.

What have you been up to lately? I hope it has included friends, family and fun!

I missed you!



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