Thursday, August 23, 2012

Goodwill Goodies

Two weeks ago when I went to a sew day at Diane's, we took a little excursion to a Goodwill Store that was close to her home.  So far I have not done anything with these great finds, but they have so much potential!

Here are the things that I found that day.

Can you see the possibilities?  The crystal vase and the glass place in front will probably become a pedestal stand like I showed you here.
The plate was $2.99.
And the crystal vase was, too.  Where can you get a great pedestal plate for $6.00?  It will look so elegant with Christmas goodies on it!
The tray will be painted and take on a Frenchy personality. It was really a steal.
Only $1.99 for this great little tray!
All the goblet needs is a little polish and a white rose in it to look really great!
For years I had a taller glass tree container that usually held candy at Christmas.  Unfortunately, last year one of the granddaughters did not realize the lid came off and turned the tree over to examine it.  The glass lid did not survive the fall onto the tile floor.  This one is shorter, but it will still be cute AND it has a safety feature -- the lid is held on with the plastic stopper so no accidents can happen to this one.
The butter yellow tablecloth was only $199.  And, best of all, it is oval!  My round kitchen table becomes oval with the leaf and the dining room table is always an oval.  How cool is that?  I can hardly wait until Easter!  I'm already planning a wonderful table scape using this yellow background!
The blue and white ironstone is not old.  It is marked with an English ironstone mark on the back, but the date is 1982.  However, the glass dome fit it perfectly and I'm a sucker for blue and white dishes!
The wall pocket was the most expensive item at $4.99, but it won't look like this the next time you see it.  I have big plans for it involving paint and flowers.
Be sure to stay tuned for the transformation of these items.
Do you find things at Goodwill?  Do you leave them as they are or do you look at the items and see something new and improved from your junking finds?
Be sure to leave me a comment to tell me that you were here and what you would do if you found these items.
I'm still working on the Pottery Barn Knockoff Curtain tutorial, I haven't forgotten.

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