Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Frenchy Wreath and Sew Day

A few weeks back Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict painted a rooster she had found with chalkboard paint.  I loved it and remembered that I had a similar rooster tucked away in a box in the garage.  I got it out, but was dismayed to find that mine was molded a bit so writing on it with chalk would not work.  The rooster, however, looks great painted in the black chalkboard paint even if a message would be hard to do.  My rooster was formerly verdigris and I like him much better now.  Since I could not write a message on him and hang him on a doorknob, I set him down and he ended up laying on a wreath I had bought at the Dollar Tree and had not used in a project yet.

Here is the result after a little twine was added to the rooster and wreath.

This wreath will get us through until it's time to decorate for Fall.

Yesterday Diane invited Joyce and me to come for a sew day.  We sewed and laughed, at snacks and Diane prepared a lovely lunch of chicken saladon a croissant and fresh fruit - yum!

The oatmeal cinnamon chip cookies were center stage with Diane's snippet bag. Joyce takes the snippets and stuffs pillows with them.

Diane was working on this lovely fabric -- looks like desert colors, yes?

This is a group project.  She is making the square blocks and others are making star blocks.  Shhh, it's for a gift, so can't tell any more.

Diane designed the quilt in EQ 6, a  computer quilt design program if you don't know what EQ 6 is.

Joyce finished the last few pieces of one project and started another, unfortunately, there wasn't really any way to show what she was working on at the stage it was in.  Don't you love how Joyce smiles with her whole face!  I sure do!

I was working on piano key borders for the pastel log cabin quilt. It's hard to get the color right as Diane's dining room is in the middle of the house with not a lot of natural light.  The overhead light was on which made things look a little off in color - sorry about that.

Everything starts out organized, really it does.  We just get into our projects and make a mess.  Next week we are having a mini retreat at Joyce's cottage in the mountains.  Oh, I hope it is cooler! It's supposed to be 113 today!

In the afternoon we took a little trip to the nearest Goodwill.  Joyce found books for her husband and a red sheet and a black print sheet to use in a rag rug she is making for the cottage.

I found a bunch of stuff to use in future projects - a wood tray, an ironstone plate with cobalt blue flowers, and a silver goblet among other things.  You'll get to see them soon.

A day with friends is such fun.  Hope you have those frequently!

I also hope it is cooler where you are - thank goodness for AC!

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!



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Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

That rooster is the perfect touch for your cute wreath! And thanks so much for the shout out! :-) Looks like you had fun sewing with your firend!...hugs...Debbie