Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NQA Show - North Market Experience

The view from my window each morning was really spectacular if you ignored the roof below.  The sky with the sun rising and the distant lights of cars heading to work made me want to start my day!

One of my favorite things to do during the NQA Show in Columbus, Ohio, is to visit the North Market.  Thursday was the only day I actually got outside the convention center as my friend, Diane, was leaving that day.  She stopped by the Registration Desk to say "Goodbye" just as I was going to get a lunch break.  We decided to walk a block over to the North Market.

It's always fun to walk in the older downtown areas of cities and observe the various architecture.  The dome on this Greek Orthodox church peeks between buildings and the ever present construction!

Just look at the wonderful brick detail on this old building.  I really wanted a chance to go out again to take photos just of the buildings around the Convention Center, but it never happened!

Ah, there it is!  Just look at the charm of this area!  This parking lot was full by the time we finished lunch a mere 20 or so minutes later!

Just Charming!

Inside are foods and other goods from around the world.

Feel like a little Indian cuisine?

How about some soup?  A salad or a sandwich?  It's in there!

Just look at the fresh produce.  Oh, how I wanted to take some of this back to the hotel!  I could have taken it in one of the wonderful French market baskets the shop also sold.

But, instead, I had a slice of goat cheese pizza.  It was delicious!  See the name?  I'm not sure what a Clever Crow has to do with pizza, but it's an interesting name.

All too soon Diane needed to leave for the airport and I needed to get back to work.

I had hoped to get back to North Market to take more photos and to stroll the downtown area taking more photos.  On Saturday I could have had time, but there was a parade on High Street and taking a stroll would not have worked at all.

If you ever get to the Convention Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio, you just must take in the North Market and experience the Old World Market experience there.

Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday!



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