Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pencil Case Travel Kits

Today I'm traveling to Columbus, Ohio for the National Quilting Association Show.  The show is June 14 - 16, but as a member of the board of directors, I need to get there early.  There are things to be done -- like quilts to hang, gallery cards to place and winners to call!  Some people are already working on the judging and photographing.

I'm actually writing this post on Monday, but scheduling it to post on Tuesday, so if I get confused in what day it is, forgive me, okay?

When I travel, there are things I need to have along and the best way I've found so far for two of these things are pencil boxes.  You know, the ones that will go on sale very soon in preparation for the opening of school.  Some of our schools go back in July already, so these things will be advertised very soon.  I bought the ones I have for $.50 each.  They come in very handy for a lot of things.

Since I'm traveling with a computer so I can blog while there, I need a few things for that. Here is what that kit looks like for this trip.

Post it notes, a few paper clips, a rubber band or two, a couple of flash drives, a pencil, the mouse, an extra battery for the mouse, cords and charger for my point and shoot camera, and a little stapler and staples that fit it are going on this trip.  It varies depending on what I think I might need.  I used to carry a web camera, but this computer has one built in so that will stay home this trip.

For some trips I might need more of these paper clips and rubber bands if the trip involves meetings.

Is this not the cutest little stapler you've seen?  I've had it for years.  When the kids were in school and I found myself sitting in a car waiting, I had a little travel kit in the car and this was in it. I would work on whatever project I had going at the time. It beat sitting and being bored waiting for school to get out or practice to end, etc.

My sewing kit is similar.  I keep thread in several colors depending on the blocks I'm working on.  Small embroidery scissors (yes, they can go on the plane!) a .05 mechanical pencil and a white gel pen for marking around templates on the back side of fabric, needles in a wooden case and a tiny pin cushion as well as my thimble.  The pin cushion is velcroed to the bottom of the case so it stays in place.  I have only a few pins stuck in it and usually a needle or two.  If I'm working on applique, I would have tiny applique pins as well and a chalk pencil in white for marking the turning lines.

At least one pre cut block is in there.

Usually a few more are in there, too.

My templates in case I need to either fix a line I can't see or mark more blocks.

If I think I might run out of pre cut blocks, I bring along strips of fabric and my cutting travel kit shown below so I can prepare more blocks.  This trip, I'm sure I have enough as I won't have much stitching time..

I usually have a block in progress in the kit, too.  Sometimes I stitch in the airport and planes and sometimes I just read on my Kindle.  But, you know you can't have a Kindle on during take off and landing, so the stitching is handy to have out, too!

I hope that some of you will be at the show and that you'll find me and say "hello".

Hope you enjoyed seeing my little travel kits.  How do you take things along on trips?  I used to use Ziploc bags, but this keeps things rounded up on my lap better.

Next time I'll post from the show!


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