Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NQA Show - Paula Nadelstern

This is the last post I'll be doing on the NQA show.  I know some of you are dismayed that I have no photos, and I wish I could, but I do comply with the shows request not to post photos of the quilts without the maker's permission.  Since I didn't get that, no photos.  You can get photos of all the quilts in the judged part of the show by going to and ordering the CD from the show.  The cost is $20.00 and there may be some shipping cost as well.

The Thursday night Gathering keynote speaker was Paula Nadelstern and she was a delight.  I had never heard her speak before and have only spoken to her in the context of saying, "hello, loved your presentation"  that sort of thing.

Paula told us she would tell us everything we need to know about math to make quilts like her kaleidoscope quilts.  She said we already knew it, anyway -- there are 360 degrees in a circle.  That is all we need to know according to Paula.  Hmmm, I think I need a little more instructions, though she did go on to show us how she divided the circle and wedges.

I wish I had been able to take her class.  I did learn that I have the wardrobe that would work in New York -- black.

The quilt on the left is an early Paula Nadelstern quilt.  She's evolved a bit, wouldn't you say?

She had umbrellas for sale, but I already have two umbrellas and I live in Arizona.  I couldn't think of any reason to buy another, unfortunately!

She also showed us her latest quilt, but we were not allowed to take photos.  It cannot be shown on the Internet yet. 

Those who were able to take Paula's class really liked it.  Next time, I want to be a student instead of a worker, OK?

This is a night view from my window.  Lovely!

On Friday night we had the Little Quilt Auction and Saturday was another day at the show.  Much money was made for the Grants Program of NQA with the many small quilts auctioned at the 25th Annual Little Quilt Auction.  It was a celebration with a steak dinner.  I'm not big on steak, but the asparagus soup was wonderful and so was the key lime tart for dessert!

After the show, the quilts had to come down, everything boxed and ready to go back to the makers    and the classrooms cleaned out.  That gaffer tape holding down the extension cords is some sticky stuff!

Tomorrow I'm going to a Farmer's Market and to Sweet Salvage in Phoenix.  Don't worry, I'll take my camera and share the experience with you!

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!



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