Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sweet Salvage Part Two

Yesterday I shared some of the photos from that wonderful treasure trove known as Sweet Salvage.  If you missed it you can go here to see those great chippy, shabby chic items.  Today I'll share the rest and reveal what I bought.  One of the items is not in use yet, but it will be as soon as get the rest of the stuff I need for a vignette using it.  (Anyone have any sand?)

Here we go for a whirlwind tour of Sweet Salvage June offerings.  Next month's dates are July 19-22 and I heard it will be a movie theme.  Ooh won't that be cool?

After seeing this, I promptly came home and tied some books that had belonged to my grandmother with twine.  I do have one of the glass pieces that is sitting on top of these books so I may put it on the top.  I don't remember what they are called, but they used to be on all of the electric poles out in the country.  Help me out here -- what are they?

Should have grabbed this upholstery tape.  I see it in red a lot in fabric stores, but not black.

Love the script on this pillow!

Look at the crown molding on this chalkboard -- love it!

Lots of ironstone here.

What a wonderful bird cage!

The apothecary jar is hidden by the brush, but it was great and I adore the laundry sign!

Here's a better look at the jar filled with yarn balls.  To the side is yummy lace on a cone.

Another wonderful chair and the pillow with the Eiffel Tower - wow!

One of the things I bought is here.  Can you guess?  Yep the apothecary jar came home with me!

Loved the US Mint bag and what a great use for a child's toy.  In case you can't see, it is filled with playing cards.

This made me wish they had replaced the signs when we lived on Valentine Drive -- wouldn't that make a wonderful Valentine's Day vignette?

This little angel is all decked out with tiara and pearls.  Notice the ticking stripe on the chair?

These chairs had ticking stripes too.  It's a good thing I snapped this when I did as a few minutes later, the chairs and the table were on their way out the door -- with someone else.

Yet another apothecary jar and a lovely ironstone pitcher.

This was a great toile and ticking stripe bag.

And this is where we paid for our treasures.  See, it is a young shop -- established just last year!

And here is the other item I bought -- just the magazine -- I already had the magnifying glass and the vintage glasses.

Here's a better look.  It's the Jeanne d'Arc Living Summer issue.  It will be dog eared in no time!

Hope you've enjoyed the little taste of Sweet Salvage.  I'm putting the dates for July on my calendar!  Now that I've been and surveyed how things work and what type treasures will be there -- I want MORE!

Next post I'll share a little Patriotic spirit as we head toward America's birthday.

In the meantime, try to stay cool.  It was 110 here yesterday, now that's just HOT!




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Lois Arnold said...

Thank you, Just Ducky, both for stopping buy for a visit to my blog and for reminding me that the word I was looking for was insulators. My sister e-mailed me right away to tell me, too. Have a great day!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Beautiful items! Love the old books and the ironstone!