Monday, June 25, 2012

The Olde World Quilt Shop

After we went to The Simple Farm last week, we went to The Olde World Quilt Shop.  Between working on a couple of patriotic projects and baking an apple pie yesterday, I finally got most of the photos edited so I could post them.

The Olde World Quilt Shop has been featured in Quilt Sampler Magazine and is as wonderful as it looked on the pages of the magazine.  Unfortunately for me, the shop is located North of Phoenix and I am located South and East of Phoenix.  It is a LONG way to go so this was a shop where I'd never been.  Friends of mine from out of state had been, but not me!  Diane made sure that we went since we were close, relatively speaking, to the shop.

Even the exterior is Spanish in feel, but that's not surprising in the Phoenix area.

Entering the front door, you can see it is larger than it looks from the outside!

This section is devoted to Civil War fabrics and patterns.

The displays were well done - loved the props!

Ooh, look at that tool box.  We have one in the garage, hmmmmmm!

Lovely neutrals and you know I love those! Don't you love the ticking clothes pin bag?

Notice the rooster, there are more!

Another fine prop!  Love those Featherweights!

A lovely sitting area - the better to preview the books?

You gotta love the fireplace!  Note the small rooster just left of center lower edge.

The classroom was just to the right down this hall.  Notions on the right side, sale fabrics on the left.  I did not take a photo of the classroom.  When I asked permission to take photos, I promised to not focus on any of the quilts due to copyright issues. The classroom was full of quilts!

This was the view coming out of the hallway.

A fabric rainbow!

Another great prop - an ornate Singer treadle cabinet.

To the left of that wonderful trunk was a old, old bathtub filled with samples, etc.

This was my favorite prop with yet another rooster on top.

Love the Frenchy look of this piece!  It was not for sale. Bummer!

Maybe the mention of fruits and vegetables even in French made us hungry.  We then headed out for lunch before taking in Sweet Salvage.

This is a great little quilt shop.  If you are in the Phoenix area, be sure to pay them a visit - no affiliation, just love to promote the local quilt shops.

Hope your Monday is going smoothly!


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