Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bastille Day Breakfast

Good Morning Friends!  Happy Bastille Day!  You did know it was Bastille Day didn't you?

If not, that is the celebration of the French Revolution which began in 1789.  There are celebrations all over the world today wherever there are French people or descendants.  So let's celebrate with breakfast!

Won't you join me for quiche?

Of course we'll have French Roast Coffee or perhaps you would prefer French Lemonade.

Seriously, friends, French Lemonade from Safeway!

And Le Bon Lait for our cafe au lait.

Here's your quiche with a few strawberries, too.

Won't you have a croissant?

A little fresh strawberry preserves - made yesterday, honest!
 Note we'll be using the French Press for our cafe.  Alas, this one only makes 1 cup so be patient, OK?
The French enjoy and linger, n'est pas?

Al Fresco, of course!

Un petit dejeuner.


There is room for two more, come join us!

Hope you have a wonderful day whether you celebrate Bastille Day or not!  Merci for joining me!




Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Bonjour, Lois! I'll have a croissant with the yummy homemade strawberry preserves! And...un café of course! Made with a coffee divine! :-) Merci for the invitation! Fabulous!...hugs...Debbie

Lois Arnold said...

Bonjour, Debbie. I'm so glad you could join me! Have a wonderful rest of Bastille Day!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

LOis, it looks perfect, fresh preserves...I'm impressed


The Godzich Gang said...

Bonjour !!! and Happy Bastille Day...we had crepes today but they did not look anything as beautiful as your table full of items and food...where did you get the French Products if I may ask?

Lois Arnold said...

Thank you, Carol. Trust me, the hardest part is stemming the strawberries -- Sure Jell does most of the work.

Godzich Gang, yes you may ask. The lemonade is from Safeway and the Le Bon Lait bottle is from World Market. I've had the French press forever, but probably bought it at a cooking store in the mall. The quiche I made and the quiche pan was probably from Ross or maybe Target -- again, I've had it a long time.