Sunday, July 15, 2012

String Pillow

Happy Sunday!

We had a wonderful rain last night -- okay, so some streets were flooded for a while, it happens.  In the desert there is no place for the water to go until the ground softens up enough to absorb it.  It was still refreshing!

When I was working on this quilt a saw tooth star, I made the setting squares from string -- those left overs from straightening fabric or, in this case, specifically cut varying widths of fabric.  I loved the neutrals for this, but when I came the corners, I was baffled.  I made a couple of triangles, but they just didn't work for the corners so I changed how I was doing the triangles on the corners so that the strings "turned" the corners instead of going straight in like the triangles on the four sides did.  That resulted in a couple of triangles that didn't get used.  Instead of wasting them, I made two more and turned them into a pillow.

Four of the triangles shown on the top below were used to make the pillow.  Triangles half that size, but sewn the same way were used for the saw tooth star quilt top corners.  I liked the way that looked so decided to make two more of the larger for the pillow.

This is a small pillow, only 12" square.  I didn't even have a pillow form the right size so I stuffed a pillow I no longer plan to use that was only slightly larger inside until I can buy the right size form.  I had no fiberfill even to make my own form to use for this pillow.

This pillow is what convinced me to make the ticking pillow I showed you here. Of course the ticking stripes go the other way so instead of getting a chevron as in the string pillow, the squares just get larger from the center out forming a sort of maze. 

Have you ever worked with strings? Tell me your experiences with them, please.  Just leave a comment or e-mail me.

Hope you are having a nice relaxing day!



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Tara said...

Lovely pillow.I also love that ticking pillow and want to make one in red ticking..xx