Monday, July 23, 2012

Sweet Salvage Now Showing Part Two

Hope you enjoyed Part one of the July Sweet Salvage Now Showing.  There were too many photos to put them in one post so, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a few more vignettes.

There were a lot of letters, but loved this one at the checkout spelling out Film.

I love the theater seats with the subway art.

I don't think Hollywood has a subway system, but perhaps it's for the Streetcar Named Desire?

Loved the bags!  Perhaps the crown is for The King and I?

Someone must be working 9 to 5 on this old typewriter.  It's a bit like the one I showed you here

Musical score pillow could be for many films!

Each of these drawers was marked with a stars name.  Wonder what happened to the G that should be between the two M's  Could that car be Christine?

Ah, Norma Jean/Marilyn!

There had to be this famous photo!  Sorry about the glare of the glass!

This was one of my favorite pieces.

Loved the #2 Laundry basket.  Wait, I used to have a basket chest like the one behind it.  Where did they find that?

This Gingerbread work is far to pretty to have come from the Bates House, isn't it?

Adore this chair!

This sofa is giving me ideas for reupholstering our living room sofa.  Isn't it lovely?

A silk quilt!  Wow!

There was ticking at Tiffany's?

And more ticking on this chair.

A lovely old street sign.

Love the garden statue with the fan and pearls.

This was actually the first thing I saw when I walked in the door and the last thing when I left.
I wanted to take it all home!  Les Fleurs.

Thank you Sweet Salvage for a lovely time!  See you next month for cake!

Hope you enjoyed a visit with me to Sweet Salvage.  Next time, plan to go with me -- we'd have a great time!

Have a marvelous day, friends!




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