Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sweet Salvage Now Showing

Friends, seriously, if you are in the Phoenix area, you must experience this unique shop!  Last month Diane and I went and had a great time.  See the photos here and here. They are only open 4 days a month and spend the rest of the time replenishing their stock. How cool is that!

The monthly theme this month was Now Showing -- a movie theme.  From the moment I walked in the door music from various movies filled the air!  If their were room, how could you not want to move to the beat of "Working 9 to 5"?  Each vignette was either from a specific movie or filled with items that were movie related.  It was a trip down memory lane even if I had seen the movies long after they were filmed.

It was a sweet day!

Who were the members of the Rat Pack?
I'm not much of a movie buff and rarely see movies, but grew up watching old movies so am probably as familiar with the Rat Pack as the Brat Pack. Thanks to our daughter I probably saw  Sixteen Candles and Breakfast club a hundred times!

Who wouldn't want to have "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Many stars dreamed big!

A log of small towns, at least in the Midwest, had free movie night in a parking lot.  What fun those were!  Old, movies, but as a kid, it was a lot of fun!

Birds in a cloche.  Why didn't Hitchcock think of that as a way to confine those Birds? (Love the idea of the chicken wire on the cloche!)

For this one you had to supply your own birds!

This bride could not runaway!

This chicken wire cloche held parchments paper, hmmm, what movie would that be?

Love the cow tray - a little boeuf bourguignon, anyone?

Perhaps a Croissant under glass?

Lots of French cooking tools for Julie Julia!  You did guess, didn't you?

I missed taking a photo of the big white rabbit, but he had lots of reminders he was late!

More reminders!  There was the mad hatters hat, too, but it's with the rabbit - no photo!

I think I need to make another clock pillow!

A favorite book with several film versions.  I have her keys -- seriously that's what I bought -- big keys!

Where has the time gone?  Was it really 1975?

I love these bags!  They do remind me of one of our daughter's 6th birthdays.  I made little bags for each guest and put money and candy bars in them before we headed to the movies for the first part of the party.  They loved buying their own drink to go with the candy.

Of course they loved the chocolat! 

Love the chicken crate, but don't be chicken.  this is what the checkout line looked like -- I spent an hour in it before heading to my car which was parked in a vacant lot behind Sweet Salvage. 

See the shelves in the back?  That was the checkout.  It was a lot of fun listening to people talk about their purchases and seeing others hold onto theirs.  Mine were waiting for me under the number 06. I love their system of numbers on a lanyard to free up your hands while you shop.  I met other sweet shoppers as they asked questions about why I was photographing the vignettes.

It was a sweet place to be.  Hope to see you there next month sweet friends where the theme is "Let Them Eat Cake!"  It's Sweet Salvage's first birthday in August.

I do have more photos, so there will be a Sweet Salvage Now Showing part 2!

Until then,