Friday, July 20, 2012

Pastel Logs Option 1

Yesterday I took a day to just do some fun things for inspiration.  I took a ton of photos and will share those as soon as I get them edited.  One of my stops was to Sweet Salvage that I told you about here and here.  This month was certainly not a disappointment!

Remember when I started the pastel log cabin at our sew day in June?  The blocks have been complete a couple of days and I put them up on the design wall in one of the ways I'm considering sewing the center part together.  I will be playing with them some more and show you those, too, but here is Option 1.

It's got a lot of pink in it.  I'm not sure how that happened, though I was trying to use up some left over pinks from some quilts I did for granddaughters.

It's also not exactly pastel.

Apparently I don't buy much pastel fabric.

Joyce and Diane had to send me some purples and greens.

They don't buy pastels much either!

I'll show you a couple of other options for block placement.  I'm pretty sure I will use a piano key border as I do like those on a log cabin quilt.

Now my studio needs some serious clean up.  I keep saying I'm going to do that, but other, more creative things as well as just life things keep getting in the way.  But it's time to clean!

Hope you are having a wonderful, creative and fun day!




JoQuilter said...

I love pastel quilts. It will be interesting to see your other setting ideas.

Lois Arnold said...

I do remember that you like pastels. I just don't buy all that many unless it's for a specific project -- like little girl quilts. The next post has Option 2.